On Demand Waterless Car Wash
Washlo was set up in 2015 with convenience in mind. While developing and searching into the methods of car washing I realized huge benefits of having your car wash with a waterless solution. 

  • We use 99.7% less water than your traditional car wash
  • We save energy consumed by the jet washes
  • We save energy used by consumtion of the vaccum
  • We save you having to travel to the car wash and add to air pollution

 The one main question almost everyone asks is HOW IS IT WATERLESS?

Well, thats not as complicated as your having to ask the question! A waterless solution is made up from biodegradable surfactants and polymers that have a propietary blend from natural ingredients. Let’s say that a bit more basic…… It’s a combination of natural ingredients put together which forms a solution that is applied to your car. It’s really as simple as that!

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